Men subjected to sexual abuse
during their lifetime

Utsattmann is proud to finally be able to publish a new
and longer movie version of the MC campaign – south-north

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Who is Utsattmann?

Utsattmann is an organization fighting against sexual abuse towards children. We’re a network of men who have been subjected to sexual abuse during our lifetime. We wish with our experience to help other men and young people who are experiencing the same. Although life seems to have broken, we convey the message that it is possible to build yourself up
and have a good life.


Harald and Jarle in Magasinet – Dagbladet

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“Hva med gutta?”

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Segment at Danmarks Radio from the site launch

Segment at Danmarks Radio from the site launch

Places to seek help

Support centers

The support centers are the low-threshold
services that welcome everyone. No professional referral is needed to
get in contact with them. In these support centers you can meet
supervisors who are familiar with the subject and will give you advice
on how to proceed further.

Family doctor

Your family doctor is a good place to start a conversation and be
referred to a psychologist, if necessary. It is important that you tell
your doctor about what you’re struggling with.


Report assaults to the police. They will decide whether the case
should be investigated or if it is obsolete. If you’re a victim to rape,
report to the police and they will help you to an abuse center. You can
also tip the police by phone if you’re concerned about abuse.


DPS offers treatment by psychologists and therapists, depending on  your need. You will need a doctors referral to get help from the public


Male (69)
I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t figure it out. It took me 30 years before I realized. I had a job within the treatmentsector, it was discussed at a meeting about sexual abuse against a boy. Suddenly the pieces connected, I’ve been experienced that too! Then and there the my streatment got started.
Male (55)
I was hoping it was the 40-year old crisis. Divorced, new co-habitant, not functioning at work, growing anxiety, bad sexlife; it would probably be over. Medication didn’t help, not even the alternative treatments my partner was suggesting. A random afternoon, when chatting with a good and wise friend, the first damned memories surfaced. So very sudden. It beat the breath out of me, but finally I had an explanation. I could start to take back control.
Male (37)
I’ve probably know about all the abuse when I was growin up, but it was at age 37, when I became a father to a lovely boy, that the thoughts began to bother me. Becoming a father triggered my memories and after my dear mother finally got some peace from many years of battling sickness and psychological hell, it was time to take a hold on my own problems I knew were present, but held them hidden from the world.

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