About us

On this website people subjected to abuse, their relatives and specialists find information about sexual abuse, with the main focus on men/boys. Here you can read stories and ask questions anonymously.

What do we do?

On this website people subjected to abuse, their relatives and specialists find information about sexual abuse, with the main focus on men/boys. Here you can read stories and ask questions anonymously.

We have accomplished presenters who visit schools, seminars and workshops. By using personal stories and experiences, we give advice to other affected and specialists in different contexts.

We are guides, helping the abused and their relatives on the way to a better life. Our thought is that no one knows the terrain better than those who have been there.

We wish to use our own experiences to highlight that sexual abuse against men/boys is a problem that needs to be brought forth. We need to raise our voices and not be silent.

A website which save lives

The development and maintenance of this website is our most important
activity. It’s still a taboo and shameful to tell someone that you’ve
been subjected to sexual abuse and we believe it’s even more difficult
for men. Countless men have received help to tell about their
experiences, by reading about others experiences on this website.
Knowing that they’re not struggling alone, knowing others with similar
experiences have gotten a better life, has been a reason for them to put
up a fight against the ghosts of the past. Some of them today are
actively involved with Utsattmann.

Information to specialists

Through lectures, specialists seminars and workshops we express
ourselves to professionals in the health sector, school and Nav about
how we’ve been received in the various fields. Also about what we think
could’ve been better. Our goal is to improve these activities and be
arranged throughout the country, so we can share this knowledge with as
many as possible.

Preventive work

Information campaigns are a priority for Utsattmann. We visit schools
and other locations where we can share stories and our experiences with
children and youths. Sexual abuse needs to be talked about. If we can
encourage boys and girls to tell someone that they have been or are
still being abused, we will feel rewarded. This could be crucial for
them to live a better life and stop the abuser.


Utsattmann is a private, nonprofit organization. The board is led by a
CEO who is responsible for daily operations. The events are arranged
across the country, but the main office is in Søgne. Utsattmann is
financed by public funds, membership dues and fees from missions, such
as lectures and participation in various events. To ensure the
organization, we are happy to accept new memberships and donations.
Account number: 090.14.79468 Organization number: 914596874

Story of Utsattmann


In 2009, 20 boys and men subjected to sexual abuse participated in “Gradert Info”. The goal of the project was giving advice to the authorities so more people can find the courage to tell someone they’ve been subjected to sexual abuse and what kind of help would be the most effective. One of their most important advices was to develop a website, because far too few men are seeking help from the supporting agencies. This should be a national website, with a low threshold. A website which could act as a tool for the public agencies to refer their clients to, and a place for professionals to gather knowledge and better their understanding for boys and men subjected to sexual abuse.


Men subjected to sexual abuse were the main actors in the development, most of them being active contributors. The project was started and lead by Forandringsfabrikken, in collaboration with Senter for seksuelt misbrukte men and Kirkenes Ressurssenter. In addition the project group consisted of representatives from Reform, the board of FMSO and BUFdir. Barne-, ungdoms- og familiedirektoratet funded further development of utsattmann.no in 2015 and 2016.

Do you wish to contribute?

The board of Utsattmann wishes to hear from other men subjected to sexual abuse who wants to share their stories or experiences. Your identity will be kept anonymous if you wish.

If you’re curious, feel free to send us an e-mail at post@utsattmann.no. Please add a phonenumber so we can call you for a chat.

Further things to happen

Gradert Info as a magazine Another result of «Gradert Info» was a booklet, which was distributed to support centers, general practitioners, psychologists and other relevant individuals. This booklet contains stories and advice from the very first members of the group. Positive feedback resulted in Utsatmann wants to reprint this booklet in a new edition during 2016.

“Gradert Info” is a completed project, which was the initiative to establish this website.

Board of Directors

Jarle Holseter

Jarle Holseter

 Arild Hovden

Arild Hovden
Assistant Manager

Raymond Lønberg

Raymond Lønberg

 Bjørn Aasmoe

Bjørn Aasmoe


Svein Schøgren

Svein Schøgren
Board Member


Øyvind Valrygg

Øyvind Valrygg
Board Member


Please use the form below or send us an email to: post@utsattmann.no