§1 Purpose:
Reach out to all men who have been subjected to sexual abuse and place the blame where it belongs.

§2 Tasks of the association:
Give advice to authorities Inform and guide victims of abuse, their relatives and support services on our website Actively contribute to the public debate Inform and contribute the possibility of self-help Cooperate with support centers, other relevant stakeholders and public relief Orientation of resources Peer support Actively work against poverty and social exclusion Establish and operation of meeting places for boys and men subjected to sexual abuse in all counties Utsattmann shall not withdraw dividends Utsattmann are social entrepreneurs Utsattmann is a nationwide organization that have local offices and activities in at least five counties

§3 Membership and fees:
All men who has experiences sexual abuse, either personally, or in one case of a family member bein abused, can become full members. New members must be recommended by a member of Utsattmann and be accepted by the committee. The association is open for supporting members. A supporting member has the right to speak, but can not vote in the annual general meeting. They can however be voted into the committee and have other positions in the association. The membership fee is decided at the annual meeting and has to be paid at the beginning of each year. Members who owe fees for more than one year have no right to vote nor other rights and can be banned as a member by the committee and cannot be admitted again before the fee has been paid.

§4 Annual meeting:
The annual meeting takes place every year in May. This is the associations highest authority. The committee summons directly the members to the annual meeting with a minimum of one months notice. Proposals that are to be put forward at the annual meeting, must be sent to the committee at least two weeks before the day of the meeting. A complete agenda for the meeting must be available to all members at least one week before the annual meeing. All members have admission to the annual meeting. The committee can invite other persons as well or other media to attend. The annual meeting is confirmed by the member of members who has the right to vote and who are present. Nobody has more than one vote, and the right of vote cannot be given by proxy. At the annual meeting ca not debate proposals about changing rules that has not been on the agenda at the latest one week before the meeting. Other cases can be debated and decided on if 2/3 of persons at the meeting demand it. Such decisions can only be taken in connection with approval of the agenda. The annual meeting is chaired by a chosen chairman who does not have to be a member of the association. Unless decided otherwise, a proposal is valid by a common majority vote. Voting shuold be done in writing if there are more than one proposal. Only proposed candidates can have their names on the voting slip. If more than one person is to be chosen in the same voting, the voting slips must have all the proposed candidates names on the voting slip. Voting slips that are blank are considered as not given and are invalid. When voting on one and one candidate doesn’t get more than half the votes, then a tied re-voting takes place between the two candidates that has the most votes. If the new vote is even, the vote is decided by lottery.

The annual meeting shall concider: Utsattmann’s yearly report Utsattmann’s accounts Suggested proposals Decide membership fees accept Utsattmann’s budget

Choose: Leaders Assistant leaders Board members

§5 Extraordinary annual meeting:
Extraordinary annual meetings takes place when the committee decides or a minimum 1/3 of the voting members demands it. This meeting is announced the same way as an ordinary annual meeting with at least 14 days notification. Extraordinary annual meetings can only debate and make decisions in the cases that are announced in the summons.

§6 The board:
Utsattmann is led by the committee which is its highest authority. The committee has a chairman, vice-chairman and of least 2 committee members. The committee is chosen for 3 year with the possibility of being re-elected names on the voting slip. The committee is to convere meetings when the chairman demands it, or if a majority of the committee members demands it. The committee is able to decide resolutions when a majority of the committee members are present. Resolutions are decided by the majority of given votes. If the votes are even, the chairman’s vote count as two.

§7 The committee duties:
The committee shall: Carry out the annual meeting decisions. Appoint according to need various committees, and persons for special tasks and prepare instructions for these. Administer and do the necessary control of Utsattmann’s finances in accordance with current instructions. The person of persons appointed by the committee shall represent Utsattmann in public, appoint and make work instructions for daily leaders.

§8 Exclusion
By contravening or opposing Utsatmann’s rules and regulations, one can be excluded temporarily or for life, a rule that will be decided by the committee.

§9 Dissolving (This paragraph cannot be changed)
Dissolving Utsattmann can only be considered at an ordinary annual meeting. If this is decided by 2/3 majority on extraordinary annual meeting will be summoned to take place 3 months later. And the decision to dissolve Utsatmann must be repeated with 2/3 majority. The merger with other special interests organisations is not regarded as dissolving Utsattmann. Decisions about merge and necessary changes of rules connected with this is taken in accordance with decisions about changing of rules. By dissolving of Utsattmann shall remaining assets be transferred to an organisation with similar purpose. For instance: “Center for sexually abused persons”.

§10 Chage of rules:
Changing of these rules can only be done in an ordinary or extraordinary annual meeting after having been on the agenda and it takes 2/3 majority of given votes.

Signature decisions and proxy authorised signature rights are proxy on behalf of Utsattmann is allowed to daily leader and the committee leader separately.