Male (36)

What caused me to seek help was that I finally understood, despite figuring it out early on, that I had a problem which required treatmen. I had in away accepted what happened has happened, it’s here to stay through my life, but I had to find a way to live…...

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Male (46)

I had a breakdown when my grandfather died. It was like a bubble that burst, everything came flowing into my mind. It was the first time I had told anyone. Fortunately I had sensible people around me. A friend made me realize this wasn’t a matter to be taken lightly,…...

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Male (37)

I’ve probably know about all the abuse when I was growin up, but it was at age 37, when I became a father to a lovely boy, that the thoughts began to bother me. Becoming a father triggered my memories and after my dear mother finally got some peace from…...

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