What do I do next?

Q: I’m sitting among acquaintances and having a conversation about abuse in the family and during childhood. I would like to go further with the subject. It’s possible that I’ve been subjected to sexual abuse. How would you consult me further?

A: Hi and thank you for the e-mail!
Many people have experienced abuse in their childhood/while growing up and have suppressed the hurtful things that happened, at some point in their lives flashbacks will occur and suddenly remembering it. You didn’t tell us where you live, I think that you might want to seek a help-center as a start towards the process. At a support-center you’ll find people who KNOW where you stand and can help you “freshen” up in the forgotten things. The support-centers are a low-threshold offer and are free. If you recall that you’ve been abused at some time in your life, I would advise you to take this seriously. Because quite often the victims will try to forget, but it will catch up to you sooner or later. That’s our experience.
Our best wishes to you and do not hesitate to send us more questions and we’ll advice you the best we can.
Jarle Holseter
Utsattmann editor

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