Things suggesting that I’ve been molested

Q: I’m a 28 year old man, who recently have begun to remember happenings from my childhood. Things suggesting that I’ve been molested.

I’ve read here that some have had good use of residental care. What does it mean? I’m wondering if it’s something that could fit me, because I feel so burnt out. I’ve been struggling with changing of jobs and such, now I’ll be getting into a work assessment (or whatever it’s called and I have no clue about where I’ll end up. I struggle mentally because I feel the repression inside of me. Can’t get it out. Sometimes I get angry for no reason because I don’t know if some thoughts are true or not. I’ve also been wondering about if it’s worth to try regression therapy. Do you know anything about it?

I’m also confused because I don’t know who the molester was, I have some suspicion, but I feel like noone would believe me if I talked, how can I find out what really happened?

A: I think you’ve been trying to figure out who to “put the blame” on. I’ve had it knocked inside of my head that it’s not my fault, and it’s also not yours. Taht’s been very essential to me. The suspicion is a place to start. Sexual abuse must be spoken about and not be kept silent, but I agree that excessive chatter isn’t a good thing, one must find places/people/forums where you can look into yourself which isn’t in your daily life. Remember that you need to live, not just to walk around and think “long thoughts”.

I believe repression is also an important place to start working on, it’s unfortunately very common to repress things that have been difficult. I think you’ve already started to work with this issue and that you’ve understood that this is a boil that needs to be burst. Not to scare anybody, but this is a long road to walk.

I haven’t had much benefits from being admitted, other than getting “into the system” again. I’m having one sessions a week with a psychologist and I can go more often if I want to, being able to set my own pace is important to me.  I’ve used SSMM a lot in Oslo when it’s been really bad, sometimes as some kinf od day center. I haven’t tried regression therapy, so I can’t say anyhting about it.

I hope our site was of help to you, do not hesitate to ask us anything, there are no silly/dumb questions, they’re questions that I believe is important to find an answer to.



Tomm Erik

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