Lecture in Helsinki

The lectures took place when after 2 people from “Boys House” in Helsinki, Finland visisted severel representatives from the network in Oslo spring 2013.

Boys House is a low-threshold offer for boys/men who are struggling with different issues, for example sexual abuse.

For the first time 2 men from are going to hold a lecture in English and we were very excited when we arrived Helsinki.

We were not sure about which target audience we were going to base out lecture on, and the only thing we knew in advance was that it was fulyl booked with around 200 peopole in the audience and the program of the day was about sexual abuse towards boys/menn.

We were ery surprised when we found out that they had gathered a lot of people from the health sectors, police, psychologists, students and people from the government in Finland.

The lecture went smoothly and the audience were engaged and asked us a lot of questions.

In the panel debate afterwards was a fiery discussion around the issue of sexual assaults and we felt that we contributed with out experiences from Norway.

Finland is unfortunately a long way behind us in relation to treatment and follow-ups for the victims and we hope with our prescence that day, that the help sectors are strengthed so most people as possible can get help.

We got a lot of positive feedback and there was two very pleased men who returned home to Norway the day after.