Utsattmann as an organization standing on their own feet

After several years as a project at Forandringsfabrikken, the committee of wished to stand on their own feet. They’re primarily working with children and youths, and it’s therefore natural that the network of men subjected to sexual abuse want to carry their own banner.

Utsattmann is now a stand alone organisation. A committee has been founded, and the first thep is to gather assets so we can continue our work.

A website which save lives

The development and maintenance of this website is our most important activity. It’s still a taboo and shameful to tell someone that you’ve been subjected to sexual abuse and we believe it’s even more difficult for men. Countless men have received help to tell about their experiences, by reading about others experiences on this website. Knowing that they’re not struggling alone, knowing others with similar experiences have gotten a better life, has been a reason for them to put up a fight against the ghosts of the past. Some of them today are actively involved with Utsattmann.

Information to specialists

Through lectures, specialists seminars and workshops we express ourselves to professionals in the health sector, school and Nav about how we’ve been received in the various fields. Also about what we think could’ve been better. Our goal is to improve these activities and be arranged throughout the country, so we can share this knowledge with as many as possible.

Preventive work

Information campaigns are a priority for Utsattmann. We visit schools and other locations where we can share stories and our experiences with children and youths. Sexual abuse needs to be talked about. If we can encourage boys and girls to tell someone that they have been or are still being abused, we will feel rewarded. This could be crucial for them to live a better life and stop the abuser.

We need your help

Fos us to continue our lifesaving work, we need economical help. Initially we need equipment to work on our tasks.

If you wish to contribute a large og smaller amount, you can find our arround number below. If you want to be a regular contributor every month, we would be ever so grateful.

Quote Sparebanken: Everything matters. 🙂

Account number: 3090 14 79468

Company number: 914 596 874

Information about opportunities for membership / support membership is coming.