Molested by teacher in middle school

Molested by teacher in middle school
Q: I was molested by my male homeroom teacher several times in middle school. I’ve repressed this for many years, but I met him again for the first time at a 20 years anniversary class reunion party for middle school, and have been struggling with painful thoughts.
I live in Bergen, and wondering where I could go for help.

A: Hi and thank you for mailing us.
We’re familiar with the feeling of sexual assault sitting in the body during adolescence. We KNOW that you’ll go along way by repressing, BUT sooner or later this “ghost” will reappear again, either you want it or not, that’s our experience. It’s great that you’ve realized that you need help to process all the painful experiences in middle school. Remember there’s only one person who’s guilty and that’s the perpetrator. Since you live in Bergen we’ll recommend you Simso (Senter mot incest of seksuelle overgrep) which can help you. The offer is free of charge and we encourage you to contact them, get an appointment and get started.
I’ll add the link to Simso Hordaland which is located in Bergen sentrum:
Good luck.
Jarle Holseter
Utsattmann editor

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