Q: Hi!
I’ve been subjected to rape, abuse and such for many years.
I told this to my doctor. He denies that health personnel commit abuse. I was raped by someone in the psychiatry ward. It’s been reported, but it’s words against words. :/
I’m wondering who I can talk with about this?
My parents are sick and tired hearing about this over and over again.
I blame myself and have guilt! Should I have it??
Boy CK 23,5 years old

A: Hi CK.
You were in contact with us October 2013 regarding abuse and not to be believed, guilts, etc.
That nobody believes you feels terrible and it shouldn’t be like this, but most of us have experienced the same when confronting the police, doctors and other health personnel.
I’m giving you the same advice as last time and I want you to contact a support center if you have access to it? There you can bring up whatever you wish and they’ll also believe you. Single conversations with people who know their stuff is recommended. This offer is free of charge.
I’m adding the link to FMSO (Felleskap Mot Seksuelle Overgrep) that have a list over centers and where they’re located.


Good luck.
Jarle Holseter
Utsattmann editor

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