Molested during childhood and as an adult

Q: Hi, I’m struggling with shame and guilt because I was molested by my godfather in my childhood, both oral- and analsex, I’m struggling and it bothers me daily. Then I was abused orally and analy by a colleague. Two failed marriages, have 5 children, feel unsuccessful, am on sick leave with the diagnosis of evasive personality- and borderline personality disorders, weekly session with to a psychologist and visit the DPS. Is there some kind of union or something else I can share my feelings with and settle with them.
A: Hi. It’s great that you write us. We don’t know where you live, but there is an union called FMSO.


You can have a look at their website to find a center near you. Some of the centers have their own male groups, this offer for men. They also have good advice.
Good luck and you’re welcome to write us again.
Utsattmann Editors

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