What is abuse?

Q: My husband met a woman in a music group. She was stuck on him, praised him and complimented him. Suddenly everything was woeful, she had a painful childhood and marriage and needed a lot of help in the house. He was about to leave one night and she kissed him, something that was completely unexpected he says. She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Everything went very quickly and was completely unsuccessful. Next time (how could he visit her again?) she put on a porn movie. She had this power and he was like a hanger just following her. Then the threats came. She wanted him to leave his family and move to her place. She screamed, yelled and was furious. My husband was terrified and did everything to calm her down. He was caught in a web. He worked constantly to make up excuses. She approached him at work several times. He was diagnosed with artrial fibliration and had a stroke, but is now recovering.
A: Hi.
You haven’t specified a timeframe over what happened. Did this happen over a long period of time? Have you considered contacting the police and also considered reporting this as stalking? I recommend you to contact the police.
We must mention that we’re not a help center and we can only give advice and such.
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