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Q: Hi – I’ve known about your website for a while – but today I saw the two of you on TV2.
First of all I’ve only good things to say about the initiative you’ve taken. I’m writing you because I’m wondering if it’s possible to be “finished” with having been subjected to sexual abuse over several years. That’s my goal and hope. At the same time there’s some impressions which makes the picture clearer. Chance wanted for some things to come for a day – when I started to study psychology three years ago. I had paid therapy with EMDR in a year’s time and benefited from it. I want to become a specialist in trauma on my path of education. The problem is that memories have been hard to reach. Rohypnol was also used.
Another question I have is about openness about having been abused sexually. Some will believe and some don’t. And other reactions might occur. Since I do not know these reactions beforehand or the range of what another knows, makes things a bit complicated. If you can suggest a recommendation here I’ll appreciate it.

Thank you
A: Hi O and thank you for mailing us.
Thank you for the kind words and I’ll answer your question with the best of my abilites.

A: Hi O and thank you for mailing us.
Thank you for the kind words and I’ll answer your question with the best of my abilites.
When it comes to making oneself “finished” with having been sexually abused, I think it’s up to the individual since we’re all different and experienced it in a different way, it’ll be difficult although I’d like to say yes to your question O.

Using myself as I have had the right and vital treatment through many years, finally begun to see colours in my life again if you know what I mean. The process has been long, heavy and difficult, but I realize this has been very right for me. Not forgetting what happened while growing up, but I’ve somehow learned to live with what has happened and from being a victim, going into the rank of adults, my everydays have been better for me and those around me. I must also write that the network Utsattmann have given me a lot for the road and meeting other unique men with their stories had meant that we have an incredible community and for me is a form for therapy. Everyone is welcome here regardless of orientation, religion and background.

On the question about openness, I have to be clear about that telling someone is absolutely essential for you and your process O. We’re NOT to walk around and be ashamed for something we didn’t have any guilt in. The only one to blame is the perpetrator, I think that’s important to remember. I know it can be difficult, but for someone who was molested during their childhood it is extremely destructive to carry these secrets. You KNOW WHAT happened and that’s what matters, but it’s also important to be believed.

I wish you lots of luck in the future and don’t hesitate to contact us again.


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