Few friends

Q: I was abused as a child, but fortunately received help with the psyche, but I am struggling to become friends with males, I kind of don’t know what to do or say. I am skeptical towards men and having difficulties trusting them. How can I get over this fear? What do I do to get a friend?

A: Hi.
Being skeptical towards other men is a natural reaction to what you’ve experienced as a child! I’ve also gone through that, I’ve had problems with other men. I’ve been skeptical and had a few male friends. The person who abused me was a man. I understand that you also had one.
You’re not telling us if you’re getting help or are under treatment. I also got help, and I’m still having sessions with a psychologist. After a long time with sessions at psychologists and other therapists, slowly but surely I started daring to trust other men. I’ve also met other abused men, which was a bit odd at the beginning. But it felt good talking with other men, in the same situation. I’ve been walking a long road myself, but I want you to know there’s hope. It’s important that you talk abuot this with your psychologist/therapist etc. You’re welcome to contact us again…

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