Molested at Helgelands Kysten

Q: We were several young boys who were molesetd by a homosexual paedofile male.

Most of them are having and have had great difficulties as an adult.

Two of them are dead, this is far too early.

I don’t know if I’ve gotten any damage from it, but I have an abnormaly high need for sex as an adult. The abuse were happning over a long period of time and against several boys.

It was served beer and wine and lured up to the bedroom or taken in the kitchen, got  groped and masturbated.

Several adults knew about the molestation, but didn’t do anything. Among them was the molester’s brother who had a high profile in the community, he knew about this and didn’t do anything.

Many more got to know about this in this little community. They didn’t do anything either. My sister also had a high profile and knew about the abuse without lifting a finger.

I am still very bitter about that the adults didn’t adress this matter.

From S.
A: Hi S.

It’s sad hearing about your experience. Unfortunately tehre’s a lot of stories where people know about the molestations without them having the courage to do something about it.  A lot of work is required to get this out from body and mind from my experiences, so it won’t keep lingering inside the head.

With the help from someone I knew made me motivated to contact a support center. Where I later recieved good help to clean my thoughts. Another possibility is to contact your family doctor, and from there to get help from the public sector.

Hang in there. Take small steps at the time in your own pace.


Odd Sverre

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