Self harm – sexual behaviour

Q: I’m wondering if it’s just a coinsidence that men who’ve been “severely” sexually abused as a child get behavioral problems as an adult?

If they get aroused by sadism, feel pain, be humiliated or sexually abused if it’s related to their “childhood”?

Eagerly awaiting your answer.



A: Hi A.

We’ve been in contact with an experienced psychologist to get an answer to this:

“We don’t know what you imply in “severely”, but in general it’ll leave a mark on you, if you’ve been experienced betrayal and trauma during childhood. For some this can manifest as a disruptive behaviour and lessened ability to take care of themselves. This can also of course affect the developement of sexuality, i.e difficulties being psychologically close, shame, lost self-sesteem, etc. We’re not particularly familiar with that abuzive experience manifest itself in a sadist and/or masochistic manner. Many think that the pattern for arousal is conencted with the childhood. The answer is thus probably a yes/no answer. We do not know, but we have not experienced that this is typical behaviour for abused men.”

We hope this could give you some answers. If you wish to get more answers, it would be wise to contact professionals, through the public services or at a support center.


Utsattmann Editors

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