Smart first step?

Q: I was subjected to sexual abuse in my childhood. Now I’m and adult and still ahven’t sought any for of help, but I often think that I shuold do it. What would you advise me to do, as a first step?


A: Hi and thank you for the question.

I think I’m writing on the behalf of all of us taht itæll be good for you to try and work out what you experiences in your childhood. Late effects can be a serious burden victimized adults. I was carrying this til I was 37 years old and ruined much around me along the way. One can try to repress what happened, but it’ll affect you some way or another for the rest of your life.

You’re not telling us if you’re married, hacing a co habitant or single, but it’s important to have a person you fully trust and can be there in the process, someone who you can talk with, get support, etc. Many emotions can appear along the way. I recommend you to contact a support center, ask for advice and an appointment for conversation. A lot of emotions are surfacing as I write, and it’s probably a good move to tell your family doctor your story.

Many could need some time off work, etc, in a treatment process, your doctor will arrange a medical certificate and he/she is ready to refer you further in the system. (i.e psychologist, if necessary)

I wish you good luck on the way and remember, it is possible to work out what you experienced as a child and it helps talking about it.



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