Utsattmann and Redd Barna in successful cooperation in 2015

Lagt ut: February 8, 2016

Utsattmann and Redd Barna in successful cooperation in 2015, Redd Barnas campaign “Jeg er her” started in March 2015 and lasted throughout the year. The aim was to put attention on sexual abuse towards children, and the importance of that adults care. Utsattmann were invited from the start, and this led to many of our members being able to share their stories and experienced-based advice in many of the campaigns activities.

By Svein schøgren

We at Utsattmann believe openness is one of the most important weapons to fight sexual abuse towards children. We want to make children and adults aware of that abuse is happening all the time and in a much greater extent than shown in official statistics. At the same time we want to make it clear that an abuser can be male or female, and it’s not the boogeyman down the street, but it could be anyone. Therefore parents need to stop being naïve, and take care of their children. There’s also an unimaginably amount of boys who experience sexual abuse and this is another topic that needs to be addressed. When men, who experienced abuse when growing up tell their stories, it helps breaking down the taboos and makes it easier for others to speak out. Therefore we’ll gladly pay the personal price to stand out in the media with our stories.

Meetings in ten Norwegian cities
Redd Barnas campaign was launched at Litteraturhuset i Oslo. Chairman of Utsattmann, Svein Schøgren, were one of the appellants. The same day he got to share his story at God Morgen Norve in TV2, where he attended together with Secretary General Tove R. Vang from Redd Barna. Later there was also an interview at the TV2 news and at radio P4.

The campaign was marked by rallies in ten cities around the country, and the first location was Mandal, 11th of March. Visits were made here at high schools and a meeting at kulturhuset Buen. Utsattmann CEO, Jarle Holseter, shared his story and told about the consequences og being abused. Actor Tobias Santelmann and Redd Barnas General Secretary Tove R. Vang were also participating on the meetings in Mandal. A various number of media was present and interviewed the participants. Fædrelandsvennen, Lindesnes avis and NRK Sørlandet. Presenter Trude Teigen acted as the master of ceremonies.

In Mandal, Redd Barna also organized a mass demonstration with parent meeting for all the schools in town, where director of Utsattmann, Ketil Kristoffersen, shared his story. Together with legal adviser as Redd Barna Lars Due Tønnensen.. Odd Sverre Pedersen represented Utsattmann at “Jeg er her” in Drammen and in Kongsvinger. He’s been sharing his story several times in the media and was interviewed by VGTV with Redd Barna in October.

Children’s rights seminar
Utsatmann’s northernmost member, Bjørn Aasmoe, is working as an advisor for people who’ve been subjected to sexual abuse. He’s been open in the media about his experiences with abuse when growing up. In August 2015, he was a lecturer at the children’s rights seminar at Litteraturhuset i Oslo, where he talked about shame. A topic that many victims of sexual abuse have a troubled relationship with. In November He was also the only lecturer at barnerettighetsfrokost and evening seminars for volunteers in Trondheim. The topics were about boys and men also can be victims of sexual abuse and what this is causing them.

Digital stories on social media
An exciting project that reaches out to many social media was launches in November. Five men from our organization were invited to tell their stories by creating a digital story. The manufacturer of this was Merete Grimeland, who was commissioned by Redd Barna. These digital stories were released every day in a moth, which are searchable, strong and fragile tales of boys and girls who experienced sexual abuse in their childhood.

Day seminar in Tromsø
Utsattmann arranged in Novebmer a day seminar in Tromsø in cooperation wih Redd Barna. Bjør Aasmoe did it all together into a strong marking of the problems of sexual abuse in general, and with a special focus on men. There were many lecturers, from the police department, child welfare and Redd Barna. In dddition, four from Utsattmann got to share their stories and experiences with the 100 attendees. Actor Bernt Bjørn directed the meeting and softened the day with well-chosen poems and songs. There was a huge interest from the media, both the regional newspapers in Nord and NRK made interviews with Jarle Holseter, CEO of Utsattmann and other participants at the event.

We are incredibly happy to be working with Redd Barna, and thank you that Utsattmann could participate in this. We’re looking forward to more fruitful cooperation in the future. We’ve gotten feedback from many men subjected to sexual abuse and their relatives, as well from people working in the field, which strengthens our belief that visibility and openness is the most important thing we can do. Statistics and theories about what’s helping is good, but nothing can replace first hand experiences from those who have experienced abuse with their own bodies, and managed to get back on their feet.

Utsattmann at colleges and universities

Lagt ut: February 8, 2016

Utsattmann has a priority to get into school and colleges with information and lectures. The goal is to reach teachers at all stages of education, and especially pupils and students.

The psychology students in Bergen

In 2015, Utsattmann’s chairman Svein Schøgren and deputy Johnny Thorsen, got the pleasure to visit the Universitetet I Bergen. The student association are arranging “subject evenings”, and at one of these we were the lecturers. The evening started with a long queue of students. We were told that is was usually less than 100 students at these events, but this evening they were twice as many before the door got closed. The students came from various fields of studies. The students sat as lighted candles when we shared with them our stories and experiences of childhood sexual abuse and about the damage it caused us. A lot of them were staying behind later and wanted to have personal conversations, we felt strongly about this as we share our most secret feelings. It’s then when we feel our message have gone through, and it’s worth the cost. This was a visit both Utsattmann and the leaders for the event thought this should become an annual event.

Høgskolen i Buskerud

Last year at Høgskolen i Buskerud an educational campaign was launched which was about sexual abuse towards children. The target audience were students and people in different professions, social workers, police, teachers, etc. Leader for the subject Runi Børresen, invited Utsattmann to participate with a lecture at one of the days in the semester. We salute her for understanding that men also can be subjected to sexual abuse and that predators also can be women. Svein Schøgren from Utsattmann told about his time growing up with sexual abuse and shares his experiences with the late effects and meeting with the help sectors. Students, in all ages and from a variety of professions, asked many good and important questions. The lecturers were more than welcomed back, which he gladly agreed to. Thanks to Runi Børresen who took the initiative to start this course and to the college that gives it room.

Høgskolen i Agder

Autumn 2015, Utsattmann CEO Jarle Holseter held a lecture at Høgskolen i Agder, with Raymond Lønberg from a support center against sexual abuse. Utsattmann, Jarle Holseter and Svein Schøgren previously had evening events for social worker students at Høgskolen i Agder. This was successfull and we would like these events to become an annual occurence.

Utsattmann would like to visit all kinds of school with information and lectures, but one of the problems is the cost. Most schools have limited resources and don’t prioritize this topic. But we encourage teachers, students and school administrators to contact us. Together we can find a solution to work this out. When Utsattmann visited the social worker students at Høgskolen i Agder, was made possible by joint efforts between the school and the trade unions. So let the creativity grow.

By Svein Schøgren

Bikers against violence and dexual abuse

Lagt ut: February 8, 2016

Bikers were flocking in from all across the region, when Safety MC invited bikers to raise awareness about violence and sexual abuse against children, Saturday 21th July 2015. As a fresh MC-owner it was fantastic to experience tough guys with tattoos all over them, and Harley Davidsons bikes as big as cars, came roaring into the NAF facility by Geiteryggen airport in Skien. Of course I’ve been experienced bikers in flock earlier, but the fact they came from around to show their support to the weakest in the community, touched my heart.

A lot of clubs were represented at the commemoration. Compradres, Agder Wings, Asker MC klubb, Kokkejævler, Kverken, Militære veteraners MC-klubb and many thers. Their answer to why they decided to show up at the event, they said as one, that they came to support Safety MC in their battle against abuse. The effort and initiative taken by the married couple Carl Fredrik and Rachel Johansen made a deep impression.


SIMSO Telemark stood with Safety Mc for the event. Leader Inger Lise Stølsvik, held a flaming appeal, where she called that a lot of people experience sexual abuse during their lifetime. Abuse happens more often that people think, and it’s a silent phenomenon. The majority doesn’t dare to talk about is, and must carry the shame and guilt in solitude. That’s why it’s important that someone can highlight this topic, who can tell children and adults that there’s hope, and there’s people they can tell the truth to.


Three from Utsattmann.no, got to participate at this commemoration, Jarle Holseter, Billy Castillo and Svein Schøgren. We’ve had our childhood ruined by molesters, but spend much of our time today with preventive word, and to offer support to those who struggle with the same causes. It was therefore an honour being able to support this event.

As I stood on a high vantage point for taking pictures of the motorcad, a mighty roar was sounding between the mountains of Telemark that afternoon. But no, it wasn’t heaven’s angels, but angels on motorbikes, who drove 12 miles from village to village in this beautiful landscape. Their message was sent out in a way nobody could avoid hearing.


Leave the children in peace, don’t keep silent about that the smallest among us are being molested. When they passed beneath me, like a snake I shivered, and shed a tear of joy. This was a day of hoep, and it’s not the last time bikers driving a motorcade for children’s rights in Telemark. I’m already looking forward to next year.


Svein Schøgren


Utsattmann as an organization

Lagt ut: February 4, 2016

Utsattmann.no standing on their own feet

After several years as a project at Forandringsfabrikken, the committee of Utsattmann.no wished to stand on their own feet. They’re primarily working with children and youths, and it’s therefore natural that the network of men subjected to sexual abuse want to carry their own banner.

Utsattmann is now a stand alone organisation. A committee has been founded, and the first thep is to gather assets so we can continue our work.

A website which save lives

The development and maintenance of this website is our most important activity. It’s still a taboo and shameful to tell someone that you’ve been subjected to sexual abuse and we believe it’s even more difficult for men. Countless men have received help to tell about their experiences, by reading about others experiences on this website. Knowing that they’re not struggling alone, knowing others with similar experiences have gotten a better life, has been a reason for them to put up a fight against the ghosts of the past. Some of them today are actively involved with Utsattmann.

Information to specialists

Through lectures, specialists seminars and workshops we express ourselves to professionals in the health sector, school and Nav about how we’ve been received in the various fields. Also about what we think could’ve been better. Our goal is to improve these activities and be arranged throughout the country, so we can share this knowledge with as many as possible.

Preventive work

Information campaigns are a priority for Utsattmann. We visit schools and other locations where we can share stories and our experiences with children and youths. Sexual abuse needs to be talked about. If we can encourage boys and girls to tell someone that they have been or are still being abused, we will feel rewarded. This could be crucial for them to live a better life and stop the abuser.

We need your help

Fos us to continue our lifesaving work, we need economical help. Initially we need equipment to work on our tasks.

If you wish to contribute a large og smaller amount, you can find our arround number below. If you want to be a regular contributor every month, we would be ever so grateful.

Quote Sparebanken: Everything matters. 🙂

Account number: 3090 14 79468

Company number: 914 596 874

Information about opportunities for membership / support membership is coming.

Lecture in Helsinki

Lagt ut: February 4, 2016

The lectures took place when after 2 people from “Boys House” in Helsinki, Finland visisted severel representatives from the Utsattmann.no network in Oslo spring 2013.

Boys House is a low-threshold offer for boys/men who are struggling with different issues, for example sexual abuse.

For the first time 2 men from Utsattmann.no are going to hold a lecture in English and we were very excited when we arrived Helsinki.

We were not sure about which target audience we were going to base out lecture on, and the only thing we knew in advance was that it was fulyl booked with around 200 peopole in the audience and the program of the day was about sexual abuse towards boys/menn.

We were ery surprised when we found out that they had gathered a lot of people from the health sectors, police, psychologists, students and people from the government in Finland.

The lecture went smoothly and the audience were engaged and asked us a lot of questions.

In the panel debate afterwards was a fiery discussion around the issue of sexual assaults and we felt that we contributed with out experiences from Norway.

Finland is unfortunately a long way behind us in relation to treatment and follow-ups for the victims and we hope with our prescence that day, that the help sectors are strengthed so most people as possible can get help.

We got a lot of positive feedback and there was two very pleased men who returned home to Norway the day after.

The summer talk

Lagt ut: February 4, 2016

Interview with Jarle in KRS24/7.


Research article

Lagt ut: February 4, 2016

Jan Gunnar has contributed in a research article published on Fett.no



Lagt ut: February 4, 2016

The book “DU SKAL IKKE SPILLE MESTER OVER MEG” is now published.

Jarle sier at forfatteren Kai Tell har skrevet flere bøker tidligere hvor han har “bakt” inn noe av overgreps historien sin. Han kliner til og kommer med en veldig sterk historie som gjør et voldsomt inntrykk på meg. Han ble utsatt for forferdelige ting, helt fra han var 3 år gammel og både mor og far var overgripere (anbefaler boka)

Jarle says author Kai Tell has written several books previously where he has used some of his own experiences. He’s going all out with a very strong story which made a huge impression on me.He was subjected to horrible things, from when he was 3 years old and both father and mother were the molesters. (book is highly recommended)

Free E-BOK http://issuu.com/livforlag/docs/du_skal_ikke_spille_mester_over_meg



Cannot be punished

Lagt ut: February 4, 2016

Odd Sverre has been interviewed by NRK. It’s a good article.


Bjørn experiences the nightmare in the band

Lagt ut: February 4, 2016

Read Bjørn’s story in Nordlys.