Worried mother

Q: I’ve just become a mother to a lovely little boy and wishing him all the good of life. It’s scares me that 5% of boys have been subjected sexual abuse and 85% of these assaults are by someone the child knows. What can I do as a mother to protect my son from the perpetrators?

A: Hi and congratulations with the little one.
I understand all too well how you feel, I also have children. I think the most important thing you can do is establishing a relationship with your son, where he can feel safe about talking with you about difficult subjects. What we have chosen to do is telling our children that there are some adults who are not nice to children. At the same time talking about limitations. Where it’s acceptable for an adult to touch children and in which situations an adult can examine the genitalia of a child. Adults and children can’t date each other, etc. It’s also important to talk with your children about what to do when something difficult has happened and who to talk to…
When the children are old enough to use the internet, then we’ve talked about netiquette and a little more direct about what sexual abuse is.
Enjoy the time with the little one.
Odd Sverre

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